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Efficient Sprinkler Repair: Tackling Root Pinch Under Walkways

If your irrigation system runs under walkways close to trees or large shrubs, you might encounter a common issue called “root pinch”. This is where plant roots squeeze or damage the irrigation lines, potentially affecting your landscape’s health. Recently, we dealt with this issue, and the solution led to yet another satisfied customer.

The Problem and Our Approach

Root pinch can hinder efficient watering. We started with an essential step – protecting the line to counteract this. This strategy helps maintain the health and efficiency of your irrigation system.

Our Solution

We employed a 1″ PVC sleeve over the 3/4″ poly pipe. This offers increased protection against root intrusion and promotes smoother water flow.


This method isn’t a one-off fix but a long-term solution designed to prolong the life of your sprinkler system. By preventing future root pinches, we reduce the need for constant maintenance and repair, saving our customers time and money.

The End Result

With this method in place, our customer was more than satisfied. They now have a smoothly functioning irrigation system, free from worries of root pinch.

If you face similar issues with your irrigation system, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. We pride ourselves on delivering efficient solutions that make for happy customers.

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